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Grading and Excavation

Complete Excavation and Asphalt Grading Services in Southeast MI

 Grading and Excavation

Grading and Excavation are Necessary Steps in the Asphalt Paving Process

Our asphalt services are all-encompassing- including striping and continued asphalt maintenance. Before installation of new asphalt begins, our survey team will stake out the property lines and location of the new asphalt project to make sure the site is properly elevated and suited to account for appropriate water drainage.  Once all of that has been established, we then take the necessary steps of installing a proper stone base using DOT-approved aggregate. Following that, we take our time to grade the site to ensure the ground is level and ready to begin the asphalt paving process, and to eliminate any potential problems with your lot later on. This is a vital step to ensure a long-lasting life for your newly installed asphalt. 

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We are SE Michigan’s Parking Lot and Road Excavation Pros

Rather than hiring one company to do the site excavation and another for the paving process, and then another for maintenance, The Asphalt Company provides comprehensive services to help you develop your site and maintain it afterwards. We make the process of excavation and asphalt paving as easy as possible for our customers. Before you even commit to anything, we will come to your site to assess the work that needs to be done and provide you with a free estimate for the work. Our pricing is competitive, and our quality of work is unmatched because we are backed by three generations of experience in the asphalt paving business. No matter your excavation and grading needs, we are the company you can rely on to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to request a free on-site estimate. 

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