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Sealcoating and Resurfacing

Asphalt Sealcoating for Pavement Protection in Southeast MI

Driveway Sealcoating

Driveway and Parking Lot Sealcoating Preserves the Lifespan of Your Asphalt

Over time, your asphalt will begin to break down, causing cracks and potholes to form. Your pavement will also become susceptible to destructive UV rays emitted from the sun that dry the asphalt of oils that keep it from eroding. Inclement weather, especially during the winter months, can also cause your pavement to deteriorate. Luckily, sealcoating is an effective way to prevent all of this from happening. In spring, after all of the ice and snow has melted, many property owners seek out sealcoating services to protect their lots from breaking down after harsh weather has caused the asphalt to expand and contract all winter. 

Before we apply the aggregate, we will use a rubber-like material to fill in any cracks to keep them from further expansion. We can also repair potholes by filling them with new asphalt to stop their deterioration. After your property is cleaned and restored to an even surface, we evenly apply the sealcoating. This process involves spraying your entire lot with a tar-like material that will block UV rays, strengthen the top layer of your asphalt, and give it an attractive appearance for the next few years. By performing regular asphalt maintenance, the lifespan of your asphalt can be significantly increased. To keep asphalt in great condition, we recommend the sealcoating to be redone every year.

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Pavement Resurfacing

Pavement Resurfacing Can Be a More Cost-Effective Solution

If your parking lot is in a condition beyond what sealcoating can maintain, it might be time to resurface your pavement. Depending on the condition of the subgrade, the process of resurfacing can be easier than replacing it. We will perform a core test to assess whether your pavement is a good option. If it is, we will get to work separating the top layer of pavement and pouring new asphalt over it. We will ensure that the new asphalt lines up with curbs, accounts for proper water drainage, and is done well overall. 

The ultimate goal of sealcoating or resurfacing your asphalt is to prolong the length of time when you’ll have to have it replaced. With regular maintenance and service performed by paving professionals like us at The Asphalt Company, your pavement will be preserved for as long as possible. 

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